at salon pop, we base the price of our haircuts on the amount of time it takes to cut and style your hair as well as the level of experience of the stylist you choose. when booking your haircut online for the first time be sure to choose the standard new client “haircut” option, your stylist will determine the timing of your service moving forward. click here to book an appointment.

cut & styling menu
*all includes consultation, shampoo, head massage & conditioner
barber cut $50-$95
haircut $55-$125
long/thick haircut $70 – $135
blow-dry $35 – $80
special occasion $105 + up (based upon consultation)
texture wave
(shampoo + cond. included)
$300 + up (based upon consultation)
smoothing treatment  $300 + up (based upon consultation)


we believe in transparent pricing and we price our color services using a parts + labor method. the “labor” fee is the cost of the service requested (and may vary based on the stylist’s experience). the “parts” is a product fee based on the cost of the product used during your service that day. we use a state-of-the-art color measuring system to ensure we are using the precise amount of color required for your individual hair, length and density.

color menu
*double process, corrective color, and vivid color package available ••• by consultation ••• for all balayage options see packages below
single process $75 – $135 + cost of product
partial hi-lites $125 – $215 + cost of product
full hi-lites $160 – $250 + cost of product

color packages (pricing varies by stylist)

multi-technique blonding

designed to create the blonde of your dreams!

sometimes blonding is not a black-and-white situation. based upon your consultation if your colorist finds they need to utilize multiple techniques to get you to your desired look this will be the option for you. 

techniques may include balayage, babylights, root shadow, tip-out, wet balayage and more. this service is timed to ensure your colorist can utilize whatever techniques are necessary to get you to your hair goals.

(this service may only need to be done 1-2x per year)


transformational color

think: celebrity-style transformations.

for healthy hair with big expectations, this service allows for as much time in your colorist’s chair as necessary to get you from point A to point Z in one appointment. while this may not be possible for every client every time, this allows your colorist to do whatever it takes, within reason, to give you a celebrity-style transformation.


corrective color

when your hair needs extra TLC and big changes.

this is an option for those with weakened hair seeking a change, box-dyed hair or very dark colored hair, or hair goals that need to be achieved over several sessions. these services will always be done at your colorist’s discretion and results may not be promised, but this service will give you the maximum amount of time in your colorist’s chair to give you the best shot at reaching your hair goals.

premium color offerings


super-nurturing hair color, 100% grey coverage, ammonia free, with argon oil for noticeably healthier-feeling hair & exceptional shine!


high performance, reflective hair color, actually improves condition of the hair, no ammonia or peroxide; long lasting, gentle & conditioning.

@pure pigments

an additive to almost any color to give your hair ultimate shine, brighter results, and longer lasting tone.


softens your natural base color & hi-lites, for an unbeatable natural blonde… dark regrowth and harsh hilight contrast? never again!

silk lift

without a question, the most gentle lightener ever! noticeably more conditioned from the addition of silk protein complex & intra-lipid technology.

men’s reshade

natural results in 5 min. hybrid foam technology allows for a discreet application at the shampoo sink. camouflages grey without committing to conventional color.