Cori Kaiser

staff picture - cori kaiser


  1. What year did you join salon pop? 2019
  2. Why did you choose to work at salon pop? I chose salon pop because it had everything I could imagine and more in a career.
  3. What is your favorite kind of hair to do? I LOVE CURLY HAIR!
  4. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bacon cheeseburger with Swiss.
  5. When you’re not at work how do you choose to spend your time? I don’t know how to stop moving so it could be anything! Crafting, cooking/baking, going for a walk.
  6. Name 6 things you can’t live without…Coffee, Red Bull, music, friends/family, candles, and comfy sweats.
  7. What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? Something with a good beat…. house, hip hop, rock, pop, anything.
  8. What (or who) inspires you to do what you do every day? The strong women and men that I have in my life that push me to my limits no matter how whiny I am being.
  9. What is your favorite season and why? Winter, I’m a January baby so it’s in my blood. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
  10. What is your favorite part of being a hairdresser? The “feel good” aspect of it all. When the client feels good we feel good, when we feel good from the jump the client feels good the whole service, it all goes around!